The INFRADRYER is a drying tunnel equipped  suitable to dry plastisol inks; water base or solvent inks. The INFRADRYER is equipped with hot air turbine that will work in close loop air circuit so you have maximum energy saving with optimal drying results in all types of inks.

AIRDRYER 2,5MUniIN 25007IN 25008IN 25010IN 25012
Área de calorCm250x70250x80250x100250x120
Velocidade do tapetem/min60 - 18060 - 18050 - 18060 - 180
Largura do tapeteCm7080100120
Altura máxima dos objetos a secarCm13131313
Potência instaladakW1415,819,7523,7
Temp. máxima de funcionamentoC200200200200
Comprimento exteriorCm365365365365
Largura exteriorCm115125145165
Altura exteriorCm130130130130
Peso liquidoKg300370400430